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To purchase at you must be at least 18 years old. The purchase is regulated by the Norwegian consumer laws (avtaleloven, forbrukerkjøpsloven, markedsføringsloven, angrerettsloven and ehandelsloven).
These terms and conditions are not to be considered as a limitation of the legal rights. In cases where these terms and conditions do not directly provide the solution to a problem, we refer to the laws mentioned above.

1 Agreement
2 Parties
3 Pricing
4 Contract
5 Order confirmation
6 Delivery etc.
7 Cooling-off period
8 Complaints
9 In case of delay
10 Personal information

1 Agreement

The agreement between buyer and seller consists of information that the seller provides for the purchase on the site, any direct correspondence between the parties (e.g. via e-mail) and these terms and conditions. The Buyer must be over 18 years old to order.

In case of conflict between the information provided by the vendor, direct correspondence between the parties and the terms of conditions of sale, the direct correspondence between the parties goes before the information given on the site, provided it does not conflict with legislation.

2 Parties

Seller (“we” or “us”) are:
Asbjørn Øverås veg 14 G , NO- 7036 Trondheim
Tel : 917 07 764
Org. number: NO 912 054 063

Buyer (“you”) is the person placing the order .

3 Pricing

Prices are as stated in the online store, and do not include value-added tax since books are not taxed in Norway. If you want it delivered to your address outside of Norway, it is upon you to keep track of any taxes incurred by import of books to your country.

Information on the total cost, as well as the specification of the individual elements, is given in the shop before the order is placed.

4 Contract

The agreement is binding for both parties once your order is received by us and confirmed by PayPal.

A party is not bound by the agreement if there has been any obvious error in the online store or the buyer’s order, and of the other party realized or should have realized that it was such a mistake. makes reservations for typos and any resulting errors by third-party software that e.g. calculates shipping.

5 Order Confirmation

Once we have received your order we will immediately send you a confirmation by e-mail.

It is recommended that you make sure as soon as possible that the order confirmation corresponds to the order in terms of quantity, product type, price, etc. If there are inconsistencies between the order and the order confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible.

6 Delivery etc.

Delivery method is specified in the online store at the time of purchase. will process and send the ordered products within 2 working days (in July, the process may be longer due to vacation time). Depending on the postal service you will normally receive the product from us within 3-5 business days. Outside Norway it may exceed this delivery depending on destination country.

7 Cooling-off period (Norway)

The buyer may cancel the purchase of the product as regulated by the Norwegian law (“Angrerettloven”). It means that the buyer without reason may return the product to the seller even if there is nothing wrong with it. You must give us notice of this no later than 14 days after you receive the product, using the correct form. In the unlikely event that you were not supplied sufficient information or undo form with the shipment, the cancellation period will last for 3 months after the product has been received.

8 Complaint

If the product has defects, you must give us information about this within reasonable time after you discovered it, and no later than 2 years. The notification should be in writing (email or letter).

9 In case of delay

If we do not deliver the product within reasonable time, and this is not due to you or circumstances related to you, according to the Norwegian consumer law chapter 5, you may withhold payment, demand fulfillment, cancel the contract and claim compensation from us.

10 Personal information only collects personal information that is necessary for us to complete the order transaction and deliver the ordered products. will not use personal data for any other purpose.

Published September 21, 2013
Updated May 27, 2024 to add a time limit for complaints.